My research interests focus on the representation and understanding of the cognitive processes that contain sensory perceptions, through artistic practice as a tool to approach our experiences and behaviors. Among them:

  • The exploration of the collective imagination, its cultural heritage, and subjective construction as a bridge for the transmission of the art. ​Through a journey through the history of art, my interest also focuses on the representation of certain phenomena that cause an alteration of reality or form part of an imagination linked to the occult. The representation of madness, different sleep disorders, witchcraft, the mythology of the Incubi and Succubi, or anthropological ritual are some of the themes of my theoretical research in the field of the arts.

  • Artistic practice embodied as a tool to approach different experiences that allow us to enter into the understanding of the structuring and processing of perception, at an emotional and symbolic level.

  • The analysis of conscious and unconscious processes during the mental representation of abstract or concrete ideas, and the creation of aesthetic experiences.


Prototypes and archetypes in the representation of sleep paralysis: an artistic approach, 2020

Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Spain

Supervisor: Tonia Raquejo Grado

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