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Fundación Bilbaoarte, Bilbao (Spain)

ARTFad Awards, Barcelona (Spain)

Working on an object as distinguishable as the small Petri dishes, built in 1877 by Julius Richard Petri with his assistant Robert Kock, it is intended to create photographic structures that showcase how a superficially small discovery, formed one of the principal tools in the research fields of microbiology and neuroscience.

To honour the contribution of Petri disks in neuroscience, and due to the fact that visual alterations are a key part of my research, I was inspired to create a new artistic platform that merges the shape of Petri dishes with the Ishihara test, the most widely used procedure in the diagnosis of colour blindness.


My artwork consists of an assemblage of methacrylate disks, which contain microphotographs of cultivated mouse neurons that were allowed to grow on Petri dishes as part of a neuroscience project. The photographs were taken in collaboration with the Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB-UPM) of Madrid.

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