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We find ourselves in a continuously evolving society that is marked by transhumanism – a process that generates changes in ourselves and grants us with biologically superior physical and cognitive abilities compared to our ancestors. It is at this point where we can speak of a near-complete virtualization of both humanity itself and the environment we inhabit. Although we started as natural beings without any artificial additions in our body and environment, through the continuous incorporation of new materials, we have become irrevocably tied to technology.

However, what if we were still tied to our true nature, even after becoming partially biomechatronic beings?

What will happen if we cannot escape from new technologies?

This project is based on the realisation that no matter how much we may physically change, we will always have an inextricable contact with nature. Nature is the very essence of our humanity, it is the force that separates us from the cold, heartless mechanical, industrial, and virtualized society. We will always return to the shelter that nature provides, even while we are inescapably destroying ourselves.

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