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RAM, 2017

Fundación Bilbaoarte, Bilbao (Spain)

The RAM project consists of an installation formed by three plaster sculptures in the shape of a brain where different original videos of my childhood are projected through the videomapping technique. The aim of the project is to bring us closer to understanding and analysing how our mind works and how easily we can invent, create, and maintain old and new memories based on physical perceptions and/or mental visual images. It consists of autobiographical fieldwork, where memories and recorded experiences of specific moments between the years 1992 and 2010 are analysed. Each of the brains shown here represents the memories that have been stored in my memory according to the corresponding emotion obtained by visualizing them repeatedly in my mind over the years. The emotion-evoking images were distributed according to the different brain areas where memories are stored according to their clinical characteristics and type of memory (long-term or short-term), such as the hippocampus, the neocortex, and the amygdala. The name RAM stems from a wordplay deriving from the "REM" phase of sleep and the information storage space "RAM", that computers use.

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