Born in 1992, Madrid (Spain)

Works and lives between Oxford (UK) and Madrid (Spain).

2016-Now.  PhD in Fine Arts, FPI Research Fellow. Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Madrid, Spain

Thesis "Perceptive patterns in Sleep Paralysis: An Approximation of the experience in the Visual Arts (S.XVIII-S.XXI)" 

2015-2016. MA Art, Creation and Research (MAC+I), Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Madrid, Spain

2014-2015. BA in Design, Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), Madrid, Spain
2010-2014. BA in Fine Arts, Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), Madrid, Spain

2010-2014Expert in Creative Management, Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), Madrid, Spain

Scholarships and Residencies

2019 FPI PhD Fellowship. Madrid (4 years)

2017 Fundation BilbaoArte. Artist in residence programm. Bilbao. (6 months)

2015 Excellence Grant at MA art, creation and research (MIA+C). UCM, Madrid (12 months) 

2014 Scholarchip for academic merit. Banco Santander. UFV. Madrid (12 months) ​

Grants |Honours

2019. First award "PhDay" UCM. Madrid

2019. Finalist "ArtsFad Awards". Barcelona

2018. Finalist "BAFFEST". Barakaldo, Bilbao

2017. Finalist "Residencia de estudiantes" Grant. Madrid

2017. FELIPA MANUELA Finalist with curators Cristina Lleras Figueroa y Daniela Berger Prado. Madrid

2017. Grant Residence Fundation Bilbaoarte. Bilbao

2016. Finalist The Billboard Creative. Los Ángeles. EEUU

2016. Excellence Grant. UCM. Madrid

2016. Finalist Book FLAMANTES. Hago cosas. Madrid

2015. Finalist Analog photography REVELA-T. Barcelona

2015. Prize at the First International Biennial of Photography. Barcelona

2014. Selected for the III Conference Exploring New Visual Territories. Expanded Realities. UFV, Madrid

2013. Selected for the II Conference Exploring New Visual Territories. Cretiva project Pilgrimage:

photography, video and more. UFV, Madrid

2012. Finalist Photo Contest reveal Equality between men and women. Community of Madrid in collaboration with ABC

2012. Selected for the First Conference Exploring New Visual Territories. Creative image. UFV, Madrid

Teaching and lectures

2019 - 2020. Practice Class "Theories of Contemporary Art" with Tonia Raquejo. Complutense University, Madrid

2017 - 2018. Art Tutor for Fine Art UPV/EHU Students. Arteshop Programm. Vasque Country University / Euskal herriko Unibertsitatea. Bilbao

2012 - 2014. CITO: Children’s Center for Therapy and Leisure. Art teacher and volunteer with children and adolescents (8 - 18 years old) with psychopedagogical disorders and disabilities. Assisted with development of skills and personal autonomy.

2011 - 2014. Visual Arts Teacher. Private


2020 - Now. Member of the Research Project Innovation Strategies in Cultural Myth Criticism: AGLAYA (H2019/HUM5714) 

                   IP José Manuel Losada

2017 - Now. Member of the Research Project Art and Embodied Cognition in Creative Processes: Ecological
Awareness of the Self in the Environnment 
UCM (HAR2017-85485-P) - IP Tonia Raquejo

2016 - 2019. Member of the Research Project Acis-Galatea. (H2015/HUM-3362) - IP José Manuel Losada

2020 - Now. Member of the Research Group of The Museum of Children`s art education (GiMuPAI) UCM, Madrid

                     IP - Manuel Hernández Belver

2016 - Now. Member of the Research Group on Innovation and Image Analysis. Francisco de Vitoria University, Madrid

                     IP - Pablo López Raso

Talks and Conferences

2020.  International Conference on Medicine Humanities. St Anne´s College. University of Oxford. Next March 14-15, 2020.

2019.  International Congress of Arts and Culture. Complutense Universiry, Madrid. Link

2019.  International Congress of the image. Manchester School of Visual Arts. Manchester, UK. Link

2019.  ANIAV - International Congress of Visual Arts Researchers. Valencia, Spain. Link

2019.  International Congress "Myth and Dream". Bologna, Italy. Link

2018.  Conference "El arte de corporeizar el entorno" - Sensory Process.  Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain. Link

2017. Conference Acis & Galatea "Research in new technology media". UFV, Madrid, Spain

2014. III Conference "Exploring New Visual Territories. Expanded Realities." UFV, Madrid, Spain

2013. II Conference "Exploring New Visual Territories. Cretiva project Pilgrimage:

photography, video and more". UFV, Madrid, Spain

2012. Conference "Exploring New Visual Territories. Creative image". UFV, Madrid, Spain

ArtWork Activity

2015. ERIKA DIETTES. Making Shrouds off the project by the artist Erika Diettes in the Church of San Jose. Madrid. Link

2011-2014. Photography workshop for children, Madrid

2013. LOS CAPINTEROS. Artistic assistant in the study of Cuban artists Los Carpinteros. Link

2012. EDUARDO ZAMARRO. Congress Coca-Cola Happiness Eduard Punset. Canal Theatre. Madrid. Link

Workshops | Additional Training

2020. Cognitive Neuroscience. Nirakara Institute. Madrid

2020. Mindfulness and compassion for Education. UCM. Madrid

2018. Introduction to Psychology. Department of Continuing Education. Oxford University. Oxford, UK

2017. Photobook like a object with Yumi Goto and Juanan Requena. Getxophoto. Bilbao

2017. Digital Manufacturing. Fundation BilbaoArte. Bilbao

2016. Art Market and Photographer Marketing. PHE / PIC.A.  Madrid

2016. Contemporary Artistic Photography with Juan Curto. Madrid

2016. Arduino Art Workshop. UCM. Madrid

2015. Seeing Through Photographs. MOMA

2014. Nineteenth century photographic techniques applied to contemporary formats:

Cyanotype and Kalotipia with Macarena Moreno. UFV. Madrid

2014. Creation Workshop with Erika Diettes. Madrid

2013. Seminar Forge with Mar Solis. Madrid
2012. Seminar Anatomy drawing with Jos Lorenzo. Madrid
2011. Seminar Gallerys with Javier Riera. Madrid


2019. Hotel Four Seasons. Madrid. NEXT EXHIBITION - Dates soon

2019. ArtsFAD. Barcelona

2019. Espacio Cómplices. Madrid

2018. PostalArt. ESTAMPA Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid

2018. Espacio Cómplices. Madrid

2018. Arteshop. Mercado de la Ribera. Bilbao

2018. Rederas. Faro de Cabo Mayor. Santander

2018. Art Byblio. Barcelona

2018. Suroscopia. Córdoba

2017. Puertas Abiertas. Fundación Bilbaoarte. Bilbao

2017. CASA DECOR. Madrid

2017. Photobook. Getxophoto. Bilbao

2017. Arteshop. Mercado de la RiberaBilbao

2016. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Tenerife

2016. Inquire in my own room. Noir Vilaine. Hôtel Pasteur. Rennes. France

2016. MIAC. La Trasera. Fine Arts University. UCM. Madrid

2016. Sala Juana Mordó. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid

2016. Hoy es un día cualquiera a mediados de 2030. Espacio Urg3l. Madrid

2016. VITRA. Madrid

2016. DONOSTI ARTEAN. International Contemporary Art Fair. Kursaal. Donostia

2016. JUSTMAD7. Coam. Madrid

2016. Exposición satélite JUSTMAD. Fine Arts University. UCM. Madrid

2015. THEREDOOM Gallery. Madrid

2015. EDINBURGH ART FAIR. Edimburgo

2015. GAUDÍ Gallery. Madrid

2015. V Centenario Santa Teresa de Jesús. Ávila

2015. Forja I. Ateneo de Madrid

2015. Museo del Traje. Madrid

2015. Pasarela EMERGE. DIMAD, Madrid

2015.  EMERGE, Matadero de Madrid

2015. Revela-T. Barcelona 

2015. Rafael Pérez Hernándo Gallery. Madrid

2014. DONOSTI ARTEAN. International Contemporary Art Fair. Kursaal. Donostia

2014. Galería Sky Gallery Arts, Barcelona

2014. I Bienal Internacional de Fotografía. Galería Sky Gallery Arts. Barcelona

2013. Art Factory. Galería Espacio para el Arte de Silvia Anel. Madrid

2013. Beatos de Liébana. Biblioteca UFV. Madrid

2013. Espacio de Exposiciones 13 UFV. Madrid

2012. Revelarte. Museo ABC. Madrid

2012.  Revelarte. ESTAMPA 12. Matadero de Madrid

2012.  Espacio de Exposiciones 12 UFV. Madrid


Publications | Media | Journals

SALAZAR, A. (2019) Fiction and realities in the image. Tenth International Conference On The Image. Manchester Metropolitan University. (UK)

SALAZAR, A. (2019) The representation of sleep paralysis in art: incubus and succubus. International Congress of Myth and Dream. Bolonia University (Italy)

SALAZAR, A (2014). Hacia la expansión de los espacios creativos. Jornadas “Explorando los Nuevos Territorios Visuales”. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Catálogo de exposición. Ed: UFV, Madrid. Pp. 174 – 175 ISBN: (Pendiente)

SALAZAR, A. (2013). Realidad Virtual. Jornadas “Explorando los Nuevos Territorios Visuales”. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Catálogo de exposición. Ed: UFV, Madrid. Pp. 130 - 131. ISBN: 978-84-695-8625-9 

SALAZAR, A (2012). La imagen como germen creativo. Jornadas “Explorando los Nuevos Territorios Visuales”. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Catálogo de exposición. Ed: UFV, Madrid. Pp. 77 - 78. ISBN: (Pendiente)




DESCUBRIR EL ARTE. Emerge 2015-16: recent graduates in Fine Arts.


LA FLECHA EN LA DIANA. Inauguración EMERGE 15/16.

MIRADA 21. The degree of Fine Arts UFV held the 6th edition of EMERGE

PAC. EMERGE 2014-15. Young artists in the gallery Rafael Pérez Hernando


LA FLECHA EN LA DIANA. Amaia Salazar en Emerge


BAIDEWEI. Amaia Salazar

ABC REVELARTE. Different but equal


Fundation Bilbaoarte

Complutense University of Madrid










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