Through my artistic projects, I investigate in a critical and analytical way different experiences that deepen the study of human cognition, at a symbolic and emotional level. I am interested in the concept of behavior within the anthropological and sociological field, and how thoughts originate being not always perceptible or visible to the human eye.


The world of dreams, nightmares, the monstrous, hallucinations, etc... are part of our shared imagination, moving in cultural and social patterns to give an answer to what we want to know. I am interested in revealing the magical, the mystical, the mysterious... maintaining a scientific and historical base to which I try to respond through art. I seek to visually materialize certain concepts to approach the understanding of experiences. For this reason, it is always of great importance for me to work through real and own external experiences based on shared testimonies, to work from objective and subjective informed perspectives at the same time. Therefore, a new visual landscape is created with the aim of entering into the understanding of common but little known phenomena in order to give them visibility and reveal a truth.

My artistic works are always based on artistic practice and research, mainly based on photography. In the last years, I have also resorted to different media such as installations, videos, or experimental technological techniques that allow us to better complement the message, experiencing the analyzed perceptions.

Hallucinations Part 2, 2018

Hallucinations Part 1, 2018

INCUBUS: Between Sleep and Wakefulness, 2014 - 2019

Siete Ciudades, 2017

RAM, 2017

Testimony Analysis, 2017

Ishihara Test, 2017

Wake Up, 2016

Never saw another butterfly, 2015

Social Neuro Activity, 2015

Neurona Sarea, 2017

Rederas, 2017

Phrenology, 2015

Planned obsolescence, 2014

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